We care about one thing and one thing only: getting more business for your business.

When you join the Zebrand herd you’ll get your very own marketing expert who knows the smartest marketing strategies for your business to get more customers through the door.

They will learn your business through a personal, hands-on assessment and advise on your most profitable marketing avenue.

With specialists in online marketing (Google Ads, Websites, Email & More) and offline marketing (Corporate Branding, Signage, Events & More) we are more than equipped to give you a clear return on your marketing spend that makes sense and allows you to make informed marketing decisions to grow your business.

Why you should join the herd:

Measurable return on investment for online & offline marketing.

No dumping catalogues on your desk - we come to you with ideas & options.

All quotations for branded items will have your logo rendered onto the product images - so you know what you’re buying.

You’ll be always kept up to date with the status of your orders/projects.

Need samples? not a problem.

Free up time! We do all the creative and operational work so you can focus on growing your business.

You’ll become part of our awesome family.



Managing Director

Known by our clients as the ‘Acceptor of Challenges’ (for good reason) – Devon lets no problem go unsolved. Not only does he head online & offline marketing operations but he’s also the one out in the field – kissing hands and shaking babies – all in the name of growing our mighty Zebra herd! Fun fact – he only drinks rooibos to get it all done – can you believe it!


Chief Financial Officer

Don’t let the word financial fool you – Noeline does more behind the scenes than any other Zebra in the herd. Procurement, accounting, quotations, invoicing, debt collecting (the gentle type) – all happens smoothly because of Noeline. R100 bucks says you won’t be able to have a chat with her without becoming her friend. Give it a try


Web Architect

The only man we know who is capable of reading that weird falling green text from the Matrix films. With a 20/80 human/cyborg ratio Dylan speaks more computer languages than human languages. He’s also an absolute machine when it comes to web design.


Head of Digital Design

The Obi Wan Kenobi of Adobe. All the gorgeous design work that comes out of the Zebrand herd is 100% Brian’s fault. We tell him to chill sometimes but he just point-blank refuses and continues to create next-level logos, brochures and book designs for our clients – which are actually meant for other planets (out of this world pun). We’re going to just carry on letting him do his thang.


UI & UX Specialist

We really are not a boastful agency by any stretch of the imagination, but Doug has done UI for COCA-COLA, PICK N PAY, STANDARD BANK, LIBERTY LIFE & MTN. Just saying. How did you feel about the experience on our site so far? Yeah – that was Doug. We’ll give him a crisp high-five for you. Doug has been named “King of the Digital Ninjas 2021”. By us.


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